The best Border Collies in Brazil

The Border Collie is a relatively young breed, developed during the 15th century.  
This “border collie” developed in the border region between England and Scotland, in the north of Great Britain. Although the breed dates back to the 19th century, its ancestors were already present in the region since the Middle Ages, where they worked together with sheep breeders, showing incredible capacity at work.  The ability of border collies to work has always been so important in their homeland that producers selected breeders for their herding performance and not for their appearance, to this day, specialty clubs and breed admirers strive to preserve the border collie's herding skills.
In 1876, Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price gave a demonstration in the gardens of London Palace, in which a border collie, guided only by voice commands and whistles from the shepherd, led stray sheep to a small, pre-prepared corral.  The demonstration left the entire London court impressed by the intelligence of this dog.

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