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For us, the selectors, the number 1 priority remains to avoid genetic diseases, which we test by DNA with the support of several specialized laboratories.

 A dog that is carrier, for example, of a single pathology, will not be excluded from selection and/or breeding.  It's up to us to make the right marriages and choices when we plan unions and make the puppies exempt.
 And, in the future, continue testing the offspring.

 Then come the morphological and behavioral characteristics, which are also very important.
 We will say that they come in addition.
 For us, a Border Collie should be brawny and elegant like a thoroughbred, with a lush coat, a regal bearing, a cheerful expression, and an intelligent, expressive look.
 As for his character, we would say that we want him to be entrepreneurial, proactive, responsive, considerate, understanding, calm and peaceful (when necessary), kind and sensitive, adapted to all situations in the human world.

 As part of our long-term breeding project, we chose to think, observe and listen to who would be the best breeders, selectors and/or bloodlines around the world.  We've hesitated, groped, matured our thoughts for a long time, and chose to trust some excellent crosses over others.

 We found refusals, lack of answers, unlimited questions, so that one or more people could trust us.

 We spend a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of investment, but we feel a lot of happiness and satisfaction today.

 It is, therefore, with the confidence of certain eminent breeders/selectors that we choose to purchase one or more exceptional specimens.

 In our squad's archives, you will find, among others, the following copies:

 – Multi CH.  BEST IN BORDER Love for sale
 – Multi CH.  Grd CH.  BEST IN BORDER I Am What I Am
 – Multi CH.  Grd CH.  BORDERFAME Signature
 – Multi CH.  Grd CH.  TONKORY Incognito.
Multi CH. Grd CH. Sporting Field Robinson N Caruso.
 – Multi CH.  Grd CH.  Incognito ( des Rives du Lagon Bleu )
 – Multi CH.  Suzie ( des Rives du Lagon Bleu )
 – Multi BIS.  Jadore Dior ( des Rives du Lagon Bleu )
 – Multi CACS.  Drew Barrymore TENDER FLASH
 – CH.  In The Skin Of A Star des RIVES DU LAGON BLEU ” Skin “
 – Multiples EXC.  Just My Life des Rives du Lagon Bleu ” Jinger “
 – AKC CH.  SHORELAND’S Red Label Scotch ” Rob “
 – WAGONS HO Travels To Shoreland's ” Lucy “
 – WAGONS HO Catch the Wind ” Donovan “.

 The wide range of genetic heritage, represented by our squad, is unique in Brazil.
 In fact, we can say that our dogs are, at least a generation, direct descendants of the best dogs in the world.  In addition, matings, with reduced inbreeding, performed helped to better define the type, morphology and racial phenotype.
 By making potentially promising matches, we (in theory) obtain puppies of qualities very close to those we sought and idealized from the beginning.

 At best, we get excellent qualities in our puppies. 
For us, it's doing long and tedious work.
 But what a pleasure to achieve such results!

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